One of the things that I’ve conerned about for a while is privacy and security. I’m not wild about people knowing me, much less accessing information about me.

I hate having my pictures taken. Not because I think I look goofy or uptight in all my shots (which I do), but that I have no control over who is going to share, where , and why. One or another, it’s going to end up sitting in a Facebook, Snapchat, or Google server somewhere.

The pendulum has swung so far that every interaction online has become a piece of data that has to be used in some manner of personalization.

Now, I’m not saying personalization is bad per se. It’s phenomenol when executed well like Spotify Discover. But there are few instances where personalization has worked. Think about online ads. We went from seeing 500 ads per day in the 70’s to 5,000 a day. It’s no wonder click through rates average around 3%. With virtually every aspect of our lives being tracked, and huge smart people working at Google and Facebook, how is CTR only at 3%? Short of being plugged in directly to our brains, What more do the behomeths need to present us with more accurate ads?


Ok, so I’ve decided to selfhost as many of the services as possible or within my ability. First, let’s figure out what tasks I use SaaS tools for:

  • Email
  • Address book
  • Calendar
  • Private/Group Chats
  • Password manager
  • File storage
  • Reading news
  • Search
  • Tracking links to read later.
  • Social/business networking
  • Movies, tv, music
  • Online retail


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