The Mummy Returns

I realize it was released in 2001 but the CGI was bad. Dwayne Johnson (the Scorpion King) looks like he is made of wax. 

American Gods

Watched the first episode last night. Have no clue what to think. It’s either going to be epic awesome or fail. 

Mythology and technology is always a fun mix. 

Plus anything with Ian McShane is usually good. 

Definitely can’t watch it with kids around. 

Kingsman Church Fight Scene

With Kingsman: The Golden Circle coming out soon, I decided to go back and watch Kingsman: The Secret Service. Totally forgot about the epic church scene (violent and bloody obviously):


A while ago there was this whole adult coloring book rage. I downloaded a couple of apps but never spent much time with them. Last night, trying to sleep, I pulled up the Pigment app and started coloring with the Apple Pencil. 15 minutes of it and I was out.