Mac OS X: Get Photos Off your iPhone without iTunes

For the Web Dev Fools podcast, I was taking behind the scene pictures of the intros that were recorded. I ended up with about 20 that I wanted to look at on my MacBook.

There are 4 options of transferring photos from the iPhone to a computer: text message them to an email address, import using iPhoto, email them using the iPhone Mail app, or sync with iTunes. I don’t have a text message plan, so I didn’t want to pay to text myself the pictures. You can’t select multiple pictures to email yourself through the iPhone Mail application. I don’t use iPhoto regularly, so thats a no go. And I don’t sync with iTunes, and I didn’t want to start now.

iTunes not being able to do it natively is irritating. It lets you grab music and movies off the iPhone directly, but not photos. The only option with iTunes is to sync:

Mac OS X: Get Photos Off your iPhone without iTunes

But, Mac OS X does come with the perfect tool to get photos off the iPhone. Its called Image Capture. Simply plug in your iPhone to your Mac, and start Image Capture.

Mac OS X: Get Photos Off your iPhone without iTunesYou will see your iPhone on the left panel, select it and you will see all the photos on the iPhone. You can select individual photos or import all of them. And it gives you the option of selecting a folder where the photos will be placed.


Photo courtesy of Fred.

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