Oh hai!

I am Nick. My day job is creating better Customer Experiences for brands. I do it by building and executing internal and external marketing and communications strategies. Mainly, I connect the dots for brands so they can sell more.

I am a principal at Denmark [the agency], figuring out strategies to integrate creative marketing and breakneck speed technology in the right context within the considered purchase / complex sale space. The fun part is understanding the Why, What, When, Where and How of brands. And then, more importantly, how to tie them together.

In an increasingly fragmented world, one size does not fit all. Using the same strategies for offline, web, mobile, social and overall customer experience and employee engagement, does not work. Following best practices from a case study or consultant will not work. There is no shortcut for doing the hard work to creating and articulating differentiation. Without an understanding of audiences, their needs, and their journeys, it’s all guesswork.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

Let’s go back a bit in time…lived in Urbana, Illinois (dad was getting his Ph.D. in civil engineering), Parsippany, NJ, and Orlando. Moved up to Atlanta to go to Georgia Tech right after the ’96 Summer Olympics. Been here since.

Have a BS in computer engineering, but realized as I was getting closer to graduation that I didn’t give a crap about processors or embedded hardware. Ended up working for B2B software start-ups that got bought out by Fortune 500 companies. I’ve written drag and drop browser Javascript interfaces from scratch, before jQuery and similar frameworks even existed and took all the fun (errr, pain) out it!

Went on to start Run Level Media, doing pretty much everything digital related.

Let’s see here…love to travel. Been to China, Turkey, Spain, and Kenya in the last few years. Visited Barcelona and Prague, thanks to the good folks at Canonical. Thinking of going to Peru next. Or Costa Rica. Can’t decide yet.

Clearly, I’m a nerd. Linux didn’t just start being cool when Google started releasing Android phones. You know that, right? The first version of Linux I installed was Red Hat 4.2 in 1997. Had to buy and get the CDs mailed to me. Never got the sound working on my Dell Pentium Pro.

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